Sunday, October 9, 2016

Animal Agriculture and Climate Change

Yesterday, I listened to a debate about the climate change initiative on the Washington state ballot in November. The opponent to the initiative from "One America" boldly stated that transportation is the major source of greenhouse gases.  This is not true (see link below). It continues to puzzle me why so may people who say they are concerned about climate change and want to do something about it do not talk at all about the role of animal agriculture in the crisis. I am all for driving hybrid cars, converting to solar heat, recycling, and so on, but the choices that we make about the food that we eat can make a big difference in addressing the problem. Eating less meat and dairy or even giving up meat and dairy, if done on a wide scale, could make a big difference. It would be great if we had a political system where real problems like this are discussed. I may end of voting for the initiative in WA that would place a tax on carbon emissions, but let's not pretend that this alone will actually solve anything. 

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